Former NHS nurse Becky Rice discusses NHS long term plan

by Becky Rice Becky Rice, Health Information Officer, Pancreatic Cancer Action feeds back on a follow up meeting for the NHS’s recent Long Term Plan. She outlines the positives of the plan but also, drawing from personal experience as a NHS nurse, concerns and frustrations.

Huawei are bringing the Northern Lights to London

On April 5th and 6th, Huawei, the global technology leader is bringing the Northern Lights to London. Overlooking the iconic Tower of London, the Aurora Borealis will be staged by immersive artist, Dan Acher, whose bespoke installation will feature a series of lasers to create

Overcome exam pressure and reduce anxiety with GoCalm

As teenagers across the country prepare for their GCSE’s and ‘A’ Levels, parents often feel helpless watching their offspring’s mental health decline and it doesn’t get any easier with age. Even those in higher education and with jobs find it stressful when they need to