2019’s Box Set Film Festival to welcome boxing stars and filmmakers

Ray Winstone is set to join boxing stars and filmmakers at Box Set – the UK’s first boxing film festival this November.

Box Set – the boxing film festival – will be a two day celebration of the art of the boxing film, with some of the sport’s biggest stars joining actors, directors and filmmakers on the Q&A panels.

Ray Winstone may be in the headlines for landing a role in upcoming Marvel Universe movie, Black Widow, but it’s unlikely the Hackney born actor is going to go all ‘Hollywood’ on us. He’s making time in his busy schedule to support Box Set, taking place a stone’s throw from his birthplace in London’s East End.

Winstone, who trained at the famous Repton boxing club as a youth and won 80 out of 88 ABA fights said: “I’ve been connected with boxing since the day I was born. That’s just the way it is and I’m very proud and thankful of that.” It is this very real and authentic passion for the sport that shines through in his performance in the 2017 Brit flick, Jawbone.

BBC film critic Mark Kermode said in his review of the film; “a single look from Ray Winstone tells us almost everything we need to know about the back story of this character. It literally tells us so much…”

The BAFTA nominated and critically acclaimed film is Box Set’s ‘A’ side movie.

More information, including the full schedule can be found at www.boxsetfestival.com

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