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Upcoming app WIZT offers enterprise-scale power in a down-to-earth package

Helios Eos proudly announces the pre-launch of WIZT, the world’s most powerful and scalable personal-inventory app. WIZT supports everything from home organization and home storage to office-supply management. WIZT’s friendly interface provides access to a powerful augmented reality (AR) engine that maps every inch of

£15 million investment to help keep families safely together

Up to 40 new areas will benefit from £15 million to expand promising innovative approaches to keeping families safely together. Children at risk of being taken into care are set to benefit from programmes that tackle the root cause of family problems, by strengthening the

Boxpark Wembley to screen 2019’s Champions League Final live!

After the success at Boxpark Croydon last year for the World Cup, Boxpark Wembley will be taking over as the ultimate fanzone for all things football. Russia 2018 saw electric scenes erupt from Boxpark Croydon and the Champion’s League Final is sure to be no different. The