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Talk like a pirate day: The holiday home fit for a pirate.

Today is the day for all pirate lovers. “Talk Like A Pirate Day” is an international holiday held annually on the 19th of September. The day was first celebrated in 1995, encouraging people to talk and dress like the sea captains of ‘yester-years’. Guess what?

80s Drive In comes to London for National Album Day

On Wednesday 7th October – for one day only – music lovers can relive gigs by iconic 80s artists like Madonna and Prince Remember when Billy Ocean sang, “Get outta my dreams, Get into my car!”. The 1988 hitmaker must have known an 80s drive-in

Sheer Edge launches online events showcase

Sheer Edge Events has announced the launch of an online events showcase, following its pivot to providing online event services. The event aims to “demonstrate the options available to businesses to communicate effectively with their customers in a safe, legal way, protected from the threat

London produces nearly one-quarter of all heavyweight boxers

London is responsible for producing nearly one-quarter of all active UK professional heavyweight boxers, new research has revealed. JD analysed the profiles of each current boxer born in the UK to answer a number of questions such as; which region is responsible for producing the