Here are the 3 Critical issues facing contact centres today

During 2017 Puzzel published a series of white papers. Debating some of the hottest issues in the contact centre industry, these documents were originally designed to create an interactive Puzzel community by providing a platform for discussion and encouraging learning and knowledge-sharing among customer service professionals. The three most read white papers are an interesting barometer of what matters most to contact centre leaders, therefore we have compiled them into our first “Puzzel Book”, something we hope will become a firm and favourite Puzzel tradition.

The 2017 edition will help contact centre leaders to gain fresh perspectives along with a few takeaways to implement. In particular, organisations will:

•Discover 20 strategies and initiatives to improve employee engagement
•Learn how to work smarter not harder
•Keep up with the next generation of customer service in the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Top three white papers and trends at a glance
The final trio of white papers that make up the new Puzzel Book illustrate three critical issues facing contact centres everywhere.

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