62% of the best-selling games ever were based around action or violence

Currys analysed the top best-selling titles of past and present, and our campaign revealed some very interesting insights.

Fast Pace Brings the Action

From our research, 62% of the best-selling games ever were based around action or violence, making shooter-style games a good bet for the next hit title.

Multi-platform is king

Console wars are so last-gen. Check out all the games that support crossplay. Games that sell well are typically available on many different systems. FIFA 18 still props up the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 all these years on and extraordinary indie fare like Terraria, PUBG and Minecraft are available on everything from mobile phones to PCs. The fantasy epic Skyrim is another game that keeps on giving, arriving on the Nintendo Switch in late 2017, six years on from its original launch.

The above and many more interesting stats here: https://techtalk.currys.co.uk/tv-gaming/gaming/top-50-video-game-success-factors/

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