71% of Londoners only feel comfortable going back to work if their employer provides bikes or taxis

Despite the number of COVID-19 fatalities dropping daily, a staggering 96% of Londoner’s are still not comfortable returning to the office without adequate protection against the virus. This is according to research by FREE NOW, the UK’s leading black cab and ride-hailing app.

The study also highlighted that over 70% would only feel comfortable if employers provided bikes and taxis for their commute to and from work.

It is clear that our heightened diligence about hygiene has made consumers conscientious of being packed like sardines making commuters more reluctant to use public transport; particularly in densely populated cities.

And of those who specifically used public transport before lockdown, just over 40% said they would now expect their employers to provide or subsidise alternative personal transportation – particularly modes of transport that limit passenger numbers and adhere to social distancing measures.

Niall Carson, Head FREE NOW Business UK & Ireland said: “As the nation slowly emerges from their working from home bubble to tentatively go back to the office, we’ve seen a spike in demand for journeys to and from Central London. This offers a solution for businesses that can adapt to the new norm by helping alleviate their staff’s transport anxiety, and support them as they return to work. 

“The spacious black cabs on the FREE NOW app are designed perfectly for social distancing with sturdy partition screens, easy and regularly cleaned interiors and of course, the unrivalled cabbie knowledge. It’s also a more cost-effective option versus using your car to drive in, due to various charges you would have to make per trip, not to mention the environmental aspect: 40% of journeys done on the FREE NOW app are in eco cabs, so by taking a cab and leaving your car at home, everyone can do their bit for the environment.” 

Black Cabs are ideally placed to support the UK throughout this period of uncertainty. They are well equipped to take cashless payments, either via mobile payment devices available in all cabs or the ability to make payments via the app, which also makes it easier for companies to track expenses.

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