The Art Hound Gallery presents Lauren Baker’s solo show ‘The Immensity of The Universe’ at Moniker Art Fair, London 2018

Thursday 4th October – Sunday 7th October 2018

Lauren Baker’s most experimental and explosive exhibition to date: ‘The Immensity of The Universe’ will be a fully sensorial experience; immersing the visitor in a display of stardust and crystals. In her newest dynamic works Lauren Baker’s series Explosion Art explores the chemical processes which create the Universe. These works are created physically using a variety of controlled explosive techniques whereby chemical and elemental forces visually impact and interact with the artwork. These works will be unveiled at Moniker Art Fair 2018.

‘The Immensity of The Universe’ is a sensory experience exploring the origins of the universe and the intriguing beauty born from destruction and chaos. The artist selected texts of philosophy and physics as well as dictionaries, then worked closely with a professional pyrotechnics crew to physically explode the books and canvases. Initial experiments included drilling holes and embedding charges so it was possible to create explosions from within the works. Post-pyrotechnics Lauren evolved the destruction/creation further via fire and specialist chemicals and the application of home-grown crystals.

Lauren Baker has drawn inspiration from NASA’s famous Hubble telescope. In a 2016 deep-sky census Hubble focused in on a seemingly unremarkable area of deep space; 100 billion new galaxies were discovered, offering humanity greater insight into the seemingly infinite nature and immensity of the universe. Lauren Baker’s latest creations are inspired by these mind-expanding discoveries, inviting us to reflect upon the complexity and endless possibilities of the universe.

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