Anthony Rhoades – Taking the fitness world by storm

Anthony Rhoades, is a living example of what someone who is hard working and
determined can achieve. He started from the bottom and made his way straight up to
the top in the personal training industry. He is known as the celebrity trainer in
Miami, working with the likes of David Grutman, Grant Cardone, Rick Ross, Matt
Zingler and Steve Aoki. His goal is to touch as many lives as he can, to show everyone
that even successful individuals who have very busy schedules still find the time to
prioritize their health and fitness. All that it takes is 45 to 60 minutes of someone’s
day and they will be on their way to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Success in the personal training industry did not come easy to Anthony. In his early
years, he aspired to become a football player and suffered numerous set back
injuries. He worked long hours in commercial gyms during the day and did labour jobs
at night. Unfortunately, over time he also experienced some harsh family problems,
leaving him to fight with depression, anxiety and addiction. Despite everything he
went through, he was determined to put in the hard work required to work towards
his goals.

He became obsessed with everything about personal training. He considers himself
self taught, as he learned all about anatomy, the body on a cellular level, movement
and nutrition through books, grabbing anything and everything he could on each topic
to read. He took each and everyday day in the gym as an opportunity to learn more.

Over time, he established a respected name for himself. Working with high end
celebrities, he learnt there is no room for error. Each program he writes must be
concise, efficient and effective in order for his clients to see results and value in his
training. His clients can prove the success of his programs, in just over a year, Anthony
has been responsible for the body transformation of David Grutman, reducing his body
weight from 232 lbs right down to 200 lbs.

Within 10 years of experience and training under his belt, he has established a brand
that is recognized across the world. He is known to specialize in working exclusively
with the highest net worth entrepreneurs and celebrities that visit or live in Miami.

One thing that sets Anthony apart from a lot of other people in the industry is his
work ethic. At a young age, his mother taught him that in order to achieve your goals
you must work tirelessly at them. Every morning Anthony is up at 4am, beginning his
own training at 4:15am and on the road to his first client by 5:15am.

To keep up to date with Anthony’s journey, you can follow him online via his Instagram

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