Author Susan Champion inspires through ‘Prayer, Praise and Poetry’

Susan Champion had been writing poems for five years. Set for a new marketing campaign, her debut book titled “Prayer, Praise and Poetry” (published by Xlibris UK in December 2017) translates her personal and spiritual journey in poetic verses and lines. “The poems in this book can be read at any time, silently or aloud. Many have a Christian theme, and would make a lovely gift, for yourself or someone else,” the author elucidates.

The poetry book also touches on topical issues in today’s society such as the environment, relationships, war, bereavement, among others. Champion highlights that the book is not just meant to be read once, but to be kept and “dip into often.” She also hopes that through her words, readers will take the time to get to know Jesus and be encouraged in their Christian faith.

An excerpt from the poem “Love Letter”:

One day as I slid to the depths of despair

I imagined you saying, “Don’t you know I still care?”

I fell to my knees, could it really be you?

Can you still love me, with all the bad stuff I do?

Then I heard Jesus say, “read the letter I sent,

That’s why I sent it, so you’d know what I meant”.

So I took my old bible down off the shelf

Dusted it off, and discovered a wealth


“Prayer, Praise and Poetry”

By Susan Champion

Hardcover | 6×9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781543488159

Softcover | 6×9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781543488142

E-Book | 200 pages | ISBN 9781543488135

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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