Besting Seller author Stephen Perkins’s on his new novel Sky Parlor

Stephen Perkins has recently released his much-anticipated new novel Sky Parlor, a story that will enthral the mind and take you on a rollercoaster through time and history written to perfection. We caught up with the author to ask him a number of questions about his new book.

When you did the final read through for “Sky Parlor” what was your favorite part of the book?

In reading through the prologue of Sky Parlor, one was immediately stricken with how effectively it not only set the tone of the book, but left no doubt – in the reader’s mind – this was to be an epic and engrossing journey into both the past and into the distant future.

Inspiration comes in many forms – what or who was the inspiration behind this book?

With Sky Parlor, I wanted to create a work which not only managed to transcend popular trends and set itself apart as a remarkable and original work of literary fiction, but one that might still be read decades from now and still be considered relevant.

What is your unique way of getting past writer’s block? Or does it ever happen.

Admittedly, one has never been stricken with the phenomenon of “writer’s block”. After all, inspiration is all around us, and one only needs to look to become inspired.

If you could have anyone, living or dead, read your book and give you a review who would it be and why?

That is a very unique and interesting question to contemplate. However, if I could choose anyone, one would truly be honored to have Charles Dickens discover and read Sky Parlor. Not only, because it would be amusing to hear what he would say about my depiction of the time period in which he lived, but to observe his reaction to Sky Parlor’s social commentary upon the current historical era, and how it would compare to his profound literary observations of the human condition during his 19th century era.

What’s next for you?

A new book may be ready by Christmas, a science fiction/action-adventure/suspense-thriller entitled Grand Masquerade!

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