Boxer Richard Riakporhe Prepares for his Next O2 Outing in Cuba

With his next fight just around the corner on the 28th July in the O2 Arena. Boxer Richard Riakpore does what any self-respecting boxer would do to and that is to train hard but at least provide yourself with one of the most enjoyable environments to do so. In this case Cuba.

Posting is latest updates from his trip in Instagram the boxer is clearly into his cars cruising in some classics but never without his eyes on the prize which means sparring sessions with  the son of the legendary Felix Savon(3xOlympic Champion & 6xWorld Champion) for example.

This is his second trip to Cuber about his first trip the  boxer commented:

“The heat in Cuba is different and a challenge to train in. I am always looking to expose myself to different environments and challenges because you never know what you will be facing next”.

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