C4 recognises the Genderquake with a season of programmes about gender

Many of us used to view gender as straightforward; you were born into one of two tribes, pink or blue, and from that point onwards many aspects of how you lived your life were already prescribed.

Gender roles and gender equality have been challenged every few generations, with campaigns as varied as women’s suffrage, shared parental leave, Come Out For Trans Equality, the #MeToo movement and many more. The gender pay gap is on everybody’s lips and the fight for equality is far from over, and with the Gender Recognition Act under scrutiny, is it not only gender roles but also the very definition of gender that’s being redefined?

Channel 4 is airing a season of programmes exploring the gender debate – from feminism, gender privilege and sexual violence to gender identity and gender fluidity. Kicking off the Genderquake season is a two part factual entertainment series looking at gender fluidity and attitudes to gender among a group of eleven young people in Britain today. In her first UK documentary Munroe Bergdorf explores gender dysphoria and identity as she undergoes life-changing surgery.

No subject is taboo for Riot Girls who take on the gender pay gap, manspreading and pubic hair in a series of pranks. A collaboration with ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca and spoken word artist Ash Palmisciano will explore the theme of transition. Sophie is one of the first transgender women to pass the Royal Academy of Dance Examination. Ash is an actor and writer who also happens to be a transgender man.

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