Cable Innovator TRATOS Takes Queen’s Award

Independent cable technology company Tratos has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The global company, which manufactures in Britain and Italy and sells to around 52 countries, received the accolade for innovation from the UK’s leading award for business.

The company has invested heavily in new plant, equipment and test facilities in the UK and is committed to staying innovation-focused. It works shoulder to shoulder with clients from industries such as power, communications, green energy, rail and marine to transport, defense and construction to develop, test and produce bespoke cable for their specific needs.

Tratos’ innovation award was for a new cable sheathing compound, Tratos JBA®, that can shrug off the most corrosive elements and protect cable function in the harshest of environments.

Tratos Ltd CEO and Chair Dr Maurizio Bragagni said: “These products have advanced safety and performance. They were developed by the company to be used for telecommunication, power or signaling cables.
“The compound is able to resist fire to new and higher standards, and, at the same time, defend against the aggressive acids present in different environments from railway and transport to oil and gas platforms.
“This innovation is bigger than just producing a new generation of cables able to accept the challenge of higher performance standards; it is innovation that will transform unsafe cables.
“We were confident of the quality of the innovation and the advances it brings, but we were absolutely thrilled to learn it had been recognized with a Queen’s Award.”

Tratos representatives will be presented with the award at Knowsley.

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