Call Centre Outsourcing Philippines

In the day of automation, big data, and artificial general intelligence, a call centre is far from the most exciting component of the business world. But, do not confuse excitement and necessity. What the call centres lack in pizazz they make up for in absolute need. While the name is pretty much a dead giveaway, it never hurts to be clear.

A call centre is, as it sounds, a large office that’s purpose is to handle high volumes of calls. Now this includes customer service, product support, order taking etc. While unique, like any business function, the key to efficiency is specialization.

There are a lot of advantages of having a data centre within the office space and some of the Advantages of Data Centre units may outweigh the cons for certain businesses, especially those who are strict with their security precautions. However, outsourcing your call centre can streamline the process and reduce its costs. Other benefits of outsourcing your call centre include specialized skills, specific industry tools, experience, and twenty-four-hour support.

Outsourcing searches usually start with the same few requirements. First, is the place you’re outsourcing from a place with lower operational and labour costs? Secondly, is there a good influx of young and educated people in the workforce? Thirdly and lastly, will the linguistic needs of your customer base be met?

For all of these reasons, call centre outsourcing to the Philippines has become a smart choice. The Philippines is a top business process outsourcing country, and it continues to grow. It is estimated that seven out of every eight BPO employees in the Philippines is working in a call centre.
Aside from the benefits listed above the Philippines knowledge of English and its affinity for Western culture has made it a top choice for outsourcing call centres.

Additionally, the BPO industry continues to grow in the Philippines and is expected to be a $40 billion industry by 2022.

When you factor in the labour costs and the exchange rate the Philippines becomes a clear choice for any business who is truly in need of a call centre. From the customer perspective, most people still want person to person customer care when they have an issue. True, we are an increasingly tech-driven and reliant species, but when we truly need help, we all reach the point that we just want to pick up the phone, dial, and speak to an expert.

The ultimate solution for a business is finding the point at which quality and cost-effectiveness intersect. Philippine-based call centres have worked tirelessly to establish a reputation of not just a cheap second-rate option but rather a quality service at a price that helps your bottom line. One of the leading mid-sized contact centre service providers is PITON-Global. The Manila-based company has won numerous industry awards for excellence and leadership in outsourcing.
How can such a cheap workforce be so high quality? This comes back to the whole reason that outsourcing makes sense in the first place. Call centre positions pay extremely well by Philippine standards. You outsource so that you can utilize an economy that is tailored differently than yours. Well by American standards the monthly take home for call centre employees may not seem so grand, in the Philippines, it is one of the better-paid positions. And this is the secret sauce if you will, on how these call centres are able to attract well educated young members of the workforce.

The business processing outsourcing boom has helped the country and its economy grow as well. The Philippines has seen its GDP rise as well as its population which have both benefitted this growing industry. A further benefit is that this growing population is not just its size but also the fact that a large percentage of this population is under the age of 55. This makes for a plentiful labour pool that is driving this industry boom.

Call centre outsourcing to the Philippines is as safe a bet as there is the business world. When a customer has a need, you as a business want and need to have an expert group of people who can act as the face of your organization and meet the needs of the customer. With the bottom line in mind, it’s pertinent for this process to be the embodiment of quality and cost efficiency. Home of a growing industry, economy, and population the Philippines have not become the king of BPO just to be knocked off that stool quickly, they are here to stay. The only question is now, why haven’t you outsourced your call centre to the Philippines yet?