Can 50p per night wonder pill be the answer to your sleeping woes?

With over one third of the UK’s population suffering from compromised sleep quality, studies have demonstrated how lack of sleep can result in increased anxiety, a drastic lowering of cognitive function and have a serious impact on a person’s libido and general health.

A revolutionary new sleep supplement however has early adopters making some exciting claims, suggesting it has dramatically improved the quality of their sleep and even their sex drive. Vegan and containing 100% natural whole food extracts, Neuro Rest’s unique blend helps the mind and body relax whilst calming the nervous system.

In a recent survey of 100 customers, 97% said they slept better, 78% woke up less and 77% got to sleep faster.

Although Neuro Rest was developed for busy professionals, parents and anyone else struggling with sleepless nights, the game changing product was tested on Tour De France riders who cycle continuously for three weeks where rest and recovery is paramount.

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