Cara Delevingne revives Lanvin 1924 Vogue swimsuit at Vogue World after-party

On Sunday evening, following the spectacular Vogue World: Paris show, British model and
actress Cara Delevingne, who also hosted the event, dazzled the after-party at Maxim’s in a
bespoke Lanvin black bodysuit adorned with sparkling embroidery. This unique piece echoed
the Lanvin couture dress that graced the Vogue World catwalk earlier that evening.

Both the bodysuit worn by Delevingne and the catwalk dress are bespoke reinterpretations of a
1924 black velvet swimsuit created by Jeanne Lanvin, originally named Vogue and embellished
with silver embroidered stars. The original swimsuit, now housed at Palais Galliera, Musée de la
Mode in Paris, was featured in Trois Pages Dansées, a choreographic and dramatic performance
organized in collaboration with Vogue Magazine at the historic Théâtre de la Cigale in Paris
in 1924.

Intricately decorated with exquisite embroidery and beading, the 2024 bodysuit mirrors the
artistry of the original one, while also showcasing modern couture techniques. The embroidery
of the bodysuit, crafted by 12 artisans over 500 hours, features bright stars formed by 1,300
pierced sparkles and 1,800 silver crystals encircling 400 miniature round mirrors, all set against
a backdrop of metallic tubular beads.

Lanvin proudly dressed Cara Delevingne in this one-of-a-kind tribute to Lanvin’s high
craftsmanship, completing the circle of this unique history and celebrating over a century
of savoir-faire.

Following the Vogue World: Paris show, a made-to-measure reproduction of the custom
bodysuit and the dress of the show will be available by special order in Lanvin boutiques