Cardiff, Norwich and Sheffield named UK hotspots for employment worries

More than two in five UK workers (46%) fear for their job in 2020, according to new research. The findings, from job search engine Adzuna, reveal Cardiff residents feel least secure in their job (60%), closely followed by Norwich (59%) and Sheffield (56%).1

Adzuna surveyed workers across the UK, exploring their attitudes towards their job capabilities and the security they feel in their current role, including their reasons for not feeling secure.

The research reveals that the cities with the highest percentage of employees worried their job is at risk in 2020 are:

  1. Cardiff (60%)

  2. Norwich (59%)

  3. Sheffield (56%)

  4. Manchester (54%)

  5. Liverpool (49%)

  6. Leeds (48%)

  7. Southampton and London (45%)

  8. Nottingham (44%)

  9. Edinburgh (43%)

  10. Newcastle (42%)

 60% of workers in Cardiff feel their job is at risk this year, perhaps unsettled by the loss of 1,000 British Gas call centres in 2019. Aviva’s closure and subsequent loss of 1,800 jobs in June 2019 has clearly had an impact in Norwich too, where 59% of workers said they are now fearful for the future of their role this year. The trend continues in Sheffield, which lost around 250 steel jobs last year, as well as in Manchester, where 350 baggage claim positions disappeared following the collapse of Thomas Cook.

Nine of the cities found to be most fearful for the future of their job were most likely to put this down to recent job losses in their industry (Cardiff: 26%, Norwich: 32%, Sheffield: 39%, Manchester: 19%, Liverpool: 29%, Leeds 23%, Southampton: 23%, London 23%, Nottingham 33%). However, workers in Edinburgh (26%) and Newcastle (22%) were most worried about whether or not they’re doing a good job.

With career confidence wavering across the country, Adzuna’s data also shows the cities where employees are most likely to make a career move this year:

  1. London (66%)

  2. Bristol (65%)

  3. Belfast (59%)

  4. Glasgow (57%)

  5. Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham (54%)

  6. Norwich (51%)

  7. = Leeds, Nottingham, Southampton (49%)

  8. Cardiff (47%)

  9. Newcastle (44%)

  10. Liverpool (42%)

 Interestingly, Sheffield was one of the top cities for residents experiencing ‘career fear’ in 2020 (56%) but, when it comes to workers looking for a new job, this city doesn’t even appear in the top ten, with just 36% of residents saying they’re on the lookout for a new role this year.

Cardiff was named the least career confident city, with the highest percentage of employees who were worried about their job security (60%), but fewer than half (47%) said they were considering a new job role. Cardiff is emerging as a fast-growing business hub and was even named as a top ten city for economic growth in 20196; however, this data suggests the influx of new talent could be detrimental, as Cardiff workers fear they can’t keep up. In fact, Adzuna data reveals that 15% of workers in Cardiff wouldn’t currently feel confident applying for a new job in today’s market.

In light of these findings, Adzuna has launched a free career coaching service to support job seekers across the UK, giving them access to tools and support to help them advance and feel secure in their career, regardless of their location.

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