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Amber Martinez, Made an Official Judge of the 2021 Asian Film Festival

On Saturday November 7th, 2020, the official judges were announced for next year’s 2021 Asian Film Festival ( Among the announced judges was Amber Martinez, actress and producer. Amber Martinez has worked on many films and television projects. Some of her well-known film projects are

London’s ‘supercar spotters’ to feature in new TV documentary

SUPERCAR spotters from across the capital will feature in an exciting new petrolhead TV documentary being filmed in early 2021. Some of the most in-demand automotive paparazzi will star in ‘Spotting London’s Supercars’, a show set for a major UK broadcaster. Photographers travelling into London

Print Model Monica Yvette on The Positive Impact of Millennials

By Mary Dank “Millennials are the most educated and diverse generation in the modern world. It is unfair that many people conceive them as entitled and lazy.” A model and fashion enthusiast, Monica Yvette is a beauty queen who is exposed to philanthropy, global business,