Cathy Areu Hires Sexual Harassment Attorney To Go After 3 Of Fox News Top Hosts

Nothing good ever comes out of a sexual harassment scenario. And the victim deserves nothing but justice served to the perpetrators. Sure the damage is already done, but the closure of knowing your abuser is serving time or has faced their punishment is better than nothing.

Three Fox News stars are being accused of this vile act in New York that has prompted Cathy Areu to seek counsel from a workplace harassment attorney. The three alleged to be sexual offenders are Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Howard Kurtz.

Hannity and Carlson usually run the network’s prime time line-up while Kurtz hosts the weekend Media Buzz show.

How the Harassment Incidents Took Place

The whole issue arose from Hannity’s incident when he placed a $100 note on the table and challenged the men on his staff to take her out for a date. She was a guest at the show, and this rubbed Cathy the wrong way.

Carlson incident dates back to December 2018 when he insinuated sexual misconduct with the plaintiff. After the airing of his show, he told the lady that he was staying in a room in a hotel, not forgetting to state that his wife and kids will not be present. She did not go, so in 2019, he still invited her to his room yet again. This time the invitation was extended to discuss her possibly getting a full-time job at Fox.

Most may say that this is not enough to warrant a sexual harassment lawsuit, but what comes next points to proves his intentions were vile.

Cathy instead switched the invitation by inviting him over dinner with a friend, and he turned it down.

Carlson and Kurtz’s cases appeared to Areu as very sexually motivated, and that is why she included them in the lawsuit.

This would not be the first case on Fox as Ed Henry; a former employee was fired on 1st July on sexual harassment allegations. His job loss was tied to a charge that he raped a former worker. Eckhart, who was 24-years-old then, the news anchor restrained her in metal handcuffs, took photos of her nude, and eventually raped her. And Cathy Areu also had encounters with Henry, where he sent her suggestive messages.

Fox had to terminate his job immediately as Henry had previous sexual misconduct but nothing filed by a sexual harassment attorney.

Gianno Caldwell, a Fox contributor, also propositioned Cathy Areu.

These multiple cases on sexual misconduct paint a bad picture on Fox News Network, and something needs to be done. They claim to take all sexual harassment cases with the utmost seriousness, although they called Cathy’s sexual harassment attorney claims frivolous and untrue.

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