Celebrated London Barrister Professor Mark Watson-Gandy to launch new book

On Monday 29th October 2018, Professor Mark Watson-Gandy will launch his new book: ‘KidsMBA: How to Build a Successful Business: Essential Skills and Know-How for Future Billionaires’.


KidsMBA is the result of Mark’s work as a corporate insolvency lawyer; despairing at the high rate of failure of new businesses (50% of new businesses in the UK don’t survive the first five years), he set out on a mission to teach kids core business skills and the know-how needed for business and self-employment.


Since its launch in 2016, the KidsMBA course is presently taught in 18 countries.


Building on his work at KidsMBA, Professor Mark Watson-Gandy’s latest book is aimed at children and covers the key skills involved in running a business. ‘KidsMBA: How to Build a Successful Business: Essential Skills and Know-How for Future Billionaires’ is designed to be motivational and empowering.



Written in an easy-to-read style, it takes the reader through topics ranging from writing business letters to marketing and from budgets and legal obligations to bookkeeping.

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