The ‘My Cultural Style’ exhibition, supported by ‘The Mall Wood Green,’ will return in May 2024.

During Cultural Style Week 2023, the ‘My Cultural Style’ exhibition in the heart of ‘The Mall, Wood Green’ in London, was a visual celebration of cultural pride and its expression through fashion and personal style. The multifaceted display shared the inspiring stories of the ‘My Cultural Style’ campaign participants and their role in fostering international participation in the Cultural Style Week movement. The responses and interactions to the exhibition highlighted the significance of representation in multicultural societies.

Cultural Style Week is thrilled to be partnering with The Mall Wood Green in Haringey, London, for a new ‘My Cultural Style’ installation featuring the diverse residents of the London borough of Haringey during Cultural Style Week 2024.

As one of the most diverse boroughs in the United Kingdom, Haringey is home to people from all corners of the world with well over a hundred different languages spoken. The exhibition will celebrate Haringey’s rich diversity, focusing on the borough’s cultural tapestry in the perfect setting for an exhibition of this nature. The Mall Wood Green’s offering reflects the diversity of the local communities it serves.

The new installation, and selfie stand, will showcase the people who live, work, and study in Haringey encapsulating the wonderful diversity within the borough. In addition to the exhibition, participants will be featured in a new ‘My Cultural Style’ video campaign reprising the inaugural launch video campaign that inspired global participation in the Cultural Style Week movement.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Cultural Style Week back to The Mall for the second year running, this time with an extra special focus on local people. Ever since we discovered the Cultural Style Week movement, we have been keen to be closely involved as it really is a fantastic way to recognise and celebrate the vibrant cultures that our guests and tenants represent. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the exhibition and who knows – you might spot a few familiar faces,” says Catriona Baillie, The Mall Wood Green’s Marketing Manager.
Cultural Style Week is for anyone who embraces their cultural heritage, identity, and ideals of beauty with pride. It serves as a platform for those who wish to authentically celebrate their unique cultural beauty, encouraging a sense of belonging. The movement unites people, promoting tolerance and acceptance through the universal language of style.

“Haringey is a visual feast of diversity. I would often visit The Mall when the installation was up in May 2023, and I loved the reactions to it. We are very thankful to The Mall Wood Green for its support and look forward to featuring some of the amazing people who live, work and study in Haringey in the new installation,” comments Candy Ellie Graham, Founder, Cultural Style Week.

Apply To Take Part
The ‘My Cultural Style’ exhibition is a big part of a growing movement that unites people through the universal language of style.

By participating, you can contribute to a larger narrative of inclusivity, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse cultures that make Haringey a unique and vibrant community. Applications are open from 1-19 January 2024 to people from all backgrounds who live, work or study in the London Borough of Haringey.

For more information please visit https://www.culturalstyleweek.com/mallwoodgreen