Comfort is set to transform Tottenham Court Road’s Outernet space into a scented floral utopia to celebrate the launch of the new Comfort Scent Boost Elixir range, as part of the venue’s first ever experience to feature immersive scent dispersion.

‘Botanical Bursts: A Next Level Fresh Experience by Comfort’ will be a multi-sensory experience like no other from 26th May – 9th June, with Londoners invited to step into a world bursting with fresh fragrance and visual magic.

By making clothes x10 more fragrant and feeling ‘next level fresh’ for longer, Comfort helps to bring a touch magic and joy to everyday life through scent.

This sensory elevation is reflected in the two-week Outernet event, with botanical-inspired fragrances from the new range spritzed throughout the venue as part of a unique scent journey, accompanied by awe-inspiring digital floral displays on the giant floor-to-ceiling screens and paired with bespoke mood-boosting music.

The experience will include an array of interactive elements and Instagram-worthy features. Showcasing how Comfort’s new Scent Booster Elixirs elevate life’s everyday moments, guests are invited to capture:
a reimagined phone box featuring an exclusive disco at the touch of a button
a luxurious bed nestled in a sea of flowers
a bus stop adorned with vibrant botanical swings

Rooted in enriching scent, the new Comfort Scent Boost Elixir range is the first transparent bead-infused liquid scent booster, with incredible new technology offering longer-lasting freshness and fragrance than using conditioner alone. The range has been created in response to the rising demand for a more sensorial and fragrant laundry experience, effective in short and cold cycles (of growing popularity for Brits), leaving no residue.

Celebrating the vitality of nature, the range includes three elevated fragrances: First Blooms, Summer Bouquet and Heavenly Fresh. All are inspired by a range of fragrance notes more typically found in high-end perfumes, such as rose petals and sandalwood.

The experience is free of charge, with daily sampling meaning visitors can enjoy the freshness of the new Scent Boost Elixir range at home.

Nhan Pham, Senior Global Marketing Lead at Unilever, says “The new Scent Boost Elixir range brings a touch of magic to the everyday, and that’s what we’re looking to bring to life at Outernet London, with an immersive sensorial journey right here in central London that will really capture people’s imagination.

“Scent can inspire so many senses and by pairing our new fragrances with an incredible visual and audio experience, we’re hoping to help create some special moments for those living in or visiting the city in the coming weeks.”

Comfort’s floral installation will launch at The Now Building at Outernet London on May Bank Holiday weekend (Sunday 26th May), with visual displays and aroma bursts live until 9th June.