Company behind vending machines for your dry cleaning launches new eco 24 hour desk-to-desk delivery service in the London

Realising that time can be precious for many at this time of year, VClean Life – the company behind the new ‘drop-and-go’ vending machines for dry cleaning – has launched an eco-friendly dry cleaning desk-to-desk delivery service for Londoners who need to have their outfits cleaned in preparation for the numerous Christmas parties they will be attending.

For as little as just £3 per item, users simply register online and choose a convenient pick up time; VClean Life’s fleet then pick up the garment(s) from the customer’s office, where they are then taken to be wet cleaned – the environmentally-friendly alternative to dry cleaning – using biodegradable detergent and conditioners. Each item is then beautifully hand-finished and delivered back to the customers’ desk, all within 24 hours.

Whether it’s a dusty old tux, or shimmering cocktail dress, the service will be available in the lead up to Christmas to office workers in the City, Canary Wharf and West End/Soho.

The Watford based company has launched the service to encourage Londoners to stop flashing the cash on fast fashion. This is on the back of news that British shoppers are buying twice as many clothes compared to a decade ago, and more than any other nation in Europe, which is causing an overload at landfill sites and subsequently fuelling climate change.

The service is completely eco-friendly and is considerably less expensive than traditional dry cleaning, which uses the toxic substance, perchloroethylene (PERC). The dry cleaning chemical, which is classified a toxin from health organisations, is known to cause cancer, neurological disorder, kidney and liver damage.

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