Coronavirus, Death-Toll, Economics, and the Political Fallout

It’s a strange beast, this pandemic.

We have handfuls of unprecedented things happening. And a clear divide between those that opposed to the quarantine and those wholeheartedly embracing it.

And let’s be clear, just because one is opposed to the quarantine does not mean they are a tinfoil heat wearing conspiracy theorists or simply bitter because their ‘rights to pizza and a pint’ are being infringed upon. Conversely, not all those who are embracing the quarantine are not tinfoil hat wearers.

The Death-Toll

Right now in the UK, the COVID-19 death count has surpassed the 34K-mark. This is right on par with the United States, who have more triple the number of infections, and a little less than triple the amount of COVID-19-related deaths.

But is the death count correct?

According to the Independent, about half of all Britons believe that SARS COVID-2 is man-made. So, do we have ‘Plandemic’ to thank for this or is there a deeper seeded fear of the government and belief in the deep-state and New World Order than we thought? Is there something to all of this or has the quarantine simply left us all with far too much time on our hands.

Fun facts:

Well, around 8% of the UK apparently believes that 5G is the cause of coronavirus. Brexit supporters and those with a general distrust of the political system are more likely to believe that this is all a part of some massive conspiracy.

OK, so back to that first question regarding the death-toll. Those who subscribe to the conspiracy side of things are likely to say – much like in America–  that the numbers are being augmented to continue the current narrative, which is a state of fear. So, nearly 35 thousand confirmed COVID-19-related deaths in the UK are significantly overcounted to keep the public breathing in the fear so much like our necessary oxygen supply. This way maybe we will allow Parliament to draft new legislation and amend the Constitution of the United Kingdom for the government to be able to do things like invoking a state of martial law without actually declaring it.

Conversely, the other side of the fence recognised that the Deputy Chief Medical Officer said we didn’t even need testing. So, in the beginning, there was limited testing, then because it wasn’t ‘approriate’, by and large, we stopped. When actually look at the ONS numbers, it much more likely that the UK death-toll is well over 50k.

So, is it 35k, well under 35k or over 50K … Strange times.

Political Fallout

Let’s just say that conservatives worldwide are getting reamed a ‘new one.’ I read a brand new headline from the Financial Times stating, Complacency and Panic are Defining Boris Johnson’s Strategy. Well, at least Johnson isn’t in the midst of re-election.

Over the pond, Donald Trump has been under fire for his method handling of the pandemic in the USA or perhaps thought by more than half the US population, lack thereof. Over the last year or so, Trump has been the odds-on favorite at bookmakers around the globe, but now Trump’s odds are significantly shorter.

In the US, Election Day is on November 3rd, 2020 and it will decide who is the next leader of Americans in the United States. Unfortunately for Trump and his ilk, the poor public perception of how the pandemic has been handled on US soil could lead to not only Joe Biden in the White House, but the republicans losing the senate as well.


Lockdown measures have pretty much destroyed the British economy. And some economists believe the worst is yet to come. That said, they’ve tried to soften the blow with charts and graphs showing a steep V-shaped recovery. Like, the United Kingdom is just going to bounce back a few days after the worst of it.  As if suddenly, all of these small businesses that went under – the heart and soul of Briton’s economy– will suddenly be back in business.

If the second wave actually hits and we extend the lockdown or go back into one within a few months, 1.1 million more firms are likely to close their door. So, if one thing is a certainty with all of this, the pandamonium has just begun. We still have yet to see all of the mortal, political, and economic fallout of COVID-19 in Briton and around the world.

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