Countess of Chester Hospital welcomes new pathology report system

The Pathology Department at the Countess of Chester Hospital (CoCH), users of the TalkingPoint digital dictation solution throughout the Trust since 2009, has implemented the “TalkingPoint for Pathology” histopathology reporting speech recognition workflow solution.

“I think TalkingPoint with speech recognition is a great benefit – it has greatly improved my turnaround times. Before, if I dictated something, it may take the secretaries 24 hours to type it up. Whereas now, I just dictate my report and it is done instantly,” comments Dr Jackie Elder, Consultant Histopathologist & Head of Cellular Pathology, Countess of Chester Hospital. Continues Jackie: “We have been working with TalkingPoint to look at the speech driven workflow primarily with histology reports, cytology reports and post mortem reports.”

Producing over 20,000 pathology reports a year, there are 7 TalkingPoint users in the Pathology Department at CoCH. The majority of the department’s reports are now created using speech recognition with histology cases taking from 10 seconds to 2-3 minutes to dictate. Post mortem reports, depending on the complexity of the case, take from 4 mins to 15-20 minutes to dictate.