‘Do Something, Jake’ in the running for Best Feature at The Midlands Movie Awards 2019

The story of ‘The little engine that can’, comes to mind when looking at British indie film ‘Do Something, Jake’.  Like any cash strapped movie the challenges of sourcing talent, location and crew were real. This project however miraculously brought an entire community together to not only realise the film and attract an international cast.  As a result ‘Do Something, Jake’, finds itself a surprising front runner for the ‘Best Feature’ at the Midlands Movie Awards. It’s a quite success story for the independent debut offering by Raya Films London. Shot with the in-kind help of local people, film graduates, a charity for disadvantaged youngsters, and local businesses.


Mia Mills in ‘Do Something, Jake’

The lead actress of the movie Mia Mills tweeted being “chuffed” over the award to some of her fellow cast members.


Mia Mills,

The film is not only gathering international acclaim and attention but also a high-profile following for its unusual storyline, but also the story behind its production. Unlike other ultra-low/micro-budget films that claim to be ‘no-budget’, Do Something, Jake literally had £0.00 for production, with the cinema DCP and BBFC classification (’15’) obtained via a crowdfunding campaign.

The film shone the light on some fresh outstanding fresh British acting talent like leads Mia Mills and Jamie Alderson but also Lily Porter.

Jamie Alderson as ‘Jake’ in ‘Do Something, Jake’

A mix of humour, noir, and criminal menace, Do Something, Jake offers a fresh angle on the UK crime thriller – a British film that does not feel ‘British’. The film is helped by Hollywood-inspired screenwriting by Caroline Spence and bold cinematography and directing by James Smith, plus the appearance of award-winning New York actor Ed Bergtold (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps), and post-production crews from Europe and Los Angeles. Do Something, Jake is the feature film debut for Raya Films.


Check out www.dosomethingjake.com for more information on the film.

For the Midlands Movie Awards visit http://www.midlandsmovies.com/


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