Enjoy Christmas Cocktails in London with London Essence Co.

‘Tis the season where we can finally look forward to treating ourselves to our favourite Christmas cocktails, and enjoy a festive night out with friends and family. So why not head down to Daisy Green or Drake & Morgan, where you will find delicious Christmas cocktails created using The London Essence Co., delivering a luxury drinks experience with every sip.

These cocktail creations have been perfectly orchestrated to elevate those Christmas flavours and suit every taste this season. The Cherry Cherry which can be found at Daisy Green, is a delicious vodka based cocktail, with cherry liqueur and London Essence Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda, delivering a citrus punch. For those wanting a decadent evening, without the hangover, why not head down to Drake & Morgan where you will find the Plum & Violet Spritz. This refreshing serve is on the lighter side, but is carried by the aromatic flavour of London Essence’s Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda. Transport yourself this winter, as London Essence promises a luxury drinks experience with every sip.

The Cherry Cherry

Head to Daisy Green this Christmas for a delicious citrus cocktail, with tangy notes of cherry, filled with Ketel One vodka, cherry sherbet, citrus water, Luxardo Maraschino and London Essence Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda.

The Plum & Violet Spritz

This light zero proof serve from Drake & Morgan contains plum cordial, violette syrup, lemon juice and Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda delivering a refreshing, citrus spritz.