Enrique Enn: A True Success Story – How A Venezuelan Street Artist Found Success In America

Street artists are often a misunderstood bunch of people. Some see their art as nothing but graffiti, tagging, and vandalism. What they don’t see is how street art allows the artist to express themselves in a way that they aren’t able to do through other creative outlets.
Enrique Enn found solace in this form of artistic expression at the age of 14. On the streets of San Cristobal, Venezuela, Enrique found himself tagging every single corner that he walked through with his friends and fellow street artists.

Venezuelan Teenage Years
Around the age of 14 when Enrique started to really get into his new passion, the country around him was changing. 2010 in Venezuela saw Chavez declare an “economic war.” Years of economic mismanagement by government officials, mixed with falling oil prices and international sanctions, had officially created a recipe for disaster for most Venezuelan residents that were not already part of the business elite.
Although the Enn family was not necessarily struggling as much as other families in the area, the rigid economic woes were taking a toll on them all. By 2014 when Enrique was 18, he was able to set his sights on America. He packed up his Venezuelan life and he and his sister headed straight for Miami.

American Life and Art
The move did not hinder Enrique’s passion for street art. In fact, it gave him more motivation to work on more projects and express himself. Of course, now in America, Enrique needed to find a way to support himself and help his sister gain her footing in a new country as well.
Having no other family here, aside from his sister, hard work was needed to survive. Enrique took on jobs of all types — doing construction work, becoming a salesman, even making food at his own home to go out and sell throughout the day — and while this survival was necessary, it didn’t quite scratch that artistic itch.

For the right kind of person with the right set of talents and motivation, the passion of street art can be made into a much, much bigger career move. Enrique was able to use his passion for art to get graphic design work for various DJs and musicians. He became a self-taught, self-made graphic designer, video editor, illustrator, and even became well versed in the art of 3D modeling.
Once Enrique put his graffiti skills to use with a canvas, he would then have a new burning passion deep within.

Enrique Enn: Street Life To Success

Throughout his foray into adulthood, Enrique learned many talents and even more life lessons along the way. One of his favorite moments, a moment that showed him just how successful he could be, was when artist Bad Bunny had him work on the design for his new single “Pa’ Ti” and that was all the reassurance he needed to stay focused on the right path.

These days Enrique is able to dedicate much of his time to his passion of art. What was once graffiti art and tagging street corners with friends, has now turned into a passion; a passion that will show no bounds or limits. From a remarkable figure in the Venezuelan street art scene, to an up-and-coming figure in the American art scene and amongst the Latin-American immigrants throughout Miama and the Southern United States.

Watching Enrique put his graffiti skills to use on professional canvases is like watching magic. You can check out some of his work on the Enrique Enn Instagram account. You can also catch him on the web at Enriquenn.com where he sells some of his work. But you must be quick because it sells out quickly!

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