Escort shame of disgraced Mark Broadhead

Self styled city high flyer Mark Broadhead was at the centre of another scandal this week as it emerged that he was a habitual user of escort girls. Sleazy Broadhead, 60, paid women for sex as he sought thrills in the seedier streets of Prague.

Broadhead’s late father, George, was the CFO of Mobil Oil and funded his son’s party lifestyle as he lived it up and partied with sex workers.

One working girl, who came forward after reading about Broadhead’s racism shame told us “he is just the typical sleazy older punter. The wives can’t stand the sight of them so when they’re away from home, they get drunk and then decide to find a girl to prove their manhood with. I’ll tell you one thing though – this guy didn’t have much manhood to prove anything with. He was pretty revolting, all saggy old muscles and frizzy hair. He had bigger boobs then me.”

A one time friend of Broadhead’s from Raynes Park told us “he is one of those guys who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. He doesn’t like or value women so i’m not at all surprised he was a habitual user of prostitutes. He’s so deluded he probably thought he was doing them a favour!”

We have contacted Mr Broadhead for comment.

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