EXCLUSIVE: Shide Boss talks 2018, new music and future plans in candid chat

by Melanie Jones | Editor

1. How’s 2018 been going so far for you Shide?

A – 2018 has been an amazing year, I have a done a lot of shows up and down the country and have been finalising my debut album which will be out in July.

2. Where did the name Shide Boss come from?

A – My name is actually “Shide” the “Boss” comes from many things. Im generally in control of everything I do musically, from writing, to the production even down to editing my own music videos, so this is where people started calling me “Boss”.

3. You have already announced your upcoming debut album – what can the fans expect?

A – The album “For The Culture” is a crazy fusion between UK RnB and my south asian influence. I have worked really hard on perfecting a fresh sound for the scene & I feel I have done that on this album. I am so proud of this work and I know the fans are going to love listening to it.

4. What challenges is the UK music scene facing right now in your eyes?

A – The challenges in the music scene are endless but the biggest is being blocked by certain industry professionals, I.e if a radio DJ doesn’t want to play your song and a well known station it could prevent 1000’s of people from listening to your song. I do believe a great song will overcome anything though, my latest song “Mere Naal” has done wonders without even being play-listed so as long as the music is right everything will be fine.

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