Access CBD has launched a range of new and exciting high-quality CBD oils and, in a move set to revolutionise the industry, the products are an astonishing 80% cheaper than the market average.

From the team behind CBD giant British Cannabis, the UK’s largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of legal cannabis-derived products, the oils will give consumers with any budget access to the supplements.

The brains behind Access CBD have created a CBD oil (Cannabidiol), which is a legal-to-take, non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant, for an impressive 81% less than the average competitor price.

Access CBD will cost on average only £1.49 per 100mg of active CBD ingredient, setting a new affordable price point for CBD in the UK.

Price studies by leading market intelligence firm, CBD Intel, placed the average price per 100mg of CBD across over 1,700 CBD oils, at approximately £7.89.

Even when popular retail offers, like the widely adopted ‘three for two’ are taken into account, Access CBD will still cost one-half to two-thirds of the price of its nearest competitors – without consumers being locked into high-value multi-buy deals.

British Cannabis CEO, Tom Whettem, celebrated the radical new launch by commenting:

“Now felt the time to really move the CBD industry forward into the mainstream and break down the barriers that may be holding some people back from adopting CBD supplements long term.

“Recent YouGov studies showed that nearly one-in-10 UK Adults had tried CBD.

“But further research has shown that over half of those stop using CBD after the first bottle due to poor products with no traceability and nowhere near the amount of CBD stated on the label, or the high cost of repeat purchase.

“Access CBD is gimmick-free, high quality, low priced CBD leading the way in transparency and reliability.”

The company will also be giving back to charities that support the NHS in a move the team hope will help cement Access CBD as a supplement brand the UK can be proud of.

Tim continued: “Profits donated to NHS Heroes is not something we just thought up to boost sales – the price and quality of Access CBD alone should do that.

“In the simplest terms, when we say we will pledge 10% of profits, we mean that we will ringfence at least £1 out of every £10 of profits made from the sale of Access CBD products and pay that throughout the year to charities that support NHS workers, such as ‘NHS Charities Together’.”

Access CBD, which is made in England, boasts natural, citrus and berry flavours which have been expertly crafted by combining plant terpenes.

Terpenes are compounds found not only in hemp plants, but in many forms of fruits and vegetables.

In a further bid to make CBD accessible for everyone, the brand has created no-nonsense packaging with clear labelling information and strength indicator bars.

As well as being certified THC-Free, test reports are publicly available to reassure customers on the accuracy and safety of Access CBD’s products.

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