Formex Watches Smash Kickstarter Target by 600% In First Week With New Essence Watch

If you’re looking to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign the top Google search results will tell you that preparation and building pre-launch buzz is key, personal engagement and involvement with supporters is vital and, naturally, at the heart of it all there has to be a great idea. According to Kickstarter, 36% of campaigns are successful (meaning 64% fail) and of these only a small number exceed their goal. Formex Swiss Watches are now amongst that elite group as their new Essence Automatic Chronometer has hit 600% of its goal in under a week following its official launch on September 25th, 2018.

Formex began laying the groundwork for their successful campaign several months before the launch. Existing customers and potential supporters received a series of newsletters and teaser emails linking to the redesigned website and very enticing early bird specials. The brand sent out photos and videos of the Essence and its unique attributes to specialist watch forums to spark conversations and generate all-important early buzz. Have you ever wondered to yourself “what is the most expensive watch” and want to see how they compare to the watch you wear or commonly see? We can guarantee you won’t be expecting the value of first place.

As a company who operate completely online with no middle men to muddy their message, or indeed inflate prices, Formex know only too well the importance of direct engagement with customers. This #betweenyouandus approach is playing an invaluable role in their highly successful campaign.

As the launch date approached, Formex stepped up their already strong social media engagement. Supporters were encouraged to share images of their Formex Watches on Instagram and talk about the Essence; leading to company CEO, Raphael Granito, being asked to help a supporter decide which strap suited them best! These interactions have proved so popular that the brand have seen their Instagram response rate double.

It is rare for a company to engage with their clients so frequently and so directly but it is an approach that is paying dividends. Backers are emailing to express their delight at being able to connect so personally to the CEO via forums, email and social media and they are eager to share their anticipation for the new timepiece. This dialogue is continuing on Kickstarter with Raphael answering many questions from backers from design queries to shipping logistics.

Given Formex’s reputation for making watches that are virtually indestructible, as well as the company’s passion and support for high octane sports; Raphael Granito was keen to put the Essence through its paces. He shared incredible images via Instagram of him skydiving with the watch front and centre; naturally the Essence passed the test with flying colours. This type of passion and willingness by a company and its CEO to walk the walk is contagious and helps to inspire backers to support the project.

The Essence Automatic Chronometer is not the first watch to be on Kickstarter, nor will it be the last. It is however the first ever officially COSC-certified Swiss Made Automatic Chronometer to be launched this way. The timepiece is a fully decorated Sellita SW200-1 Chronometer Automatic movement with a unique stainless-steel case and featuring partly brushed and partly mirror polished, hand finished surfaces. It is by far the most accessible Swiss Made Chronometer on the premium watch market. The Essence campaign has been trending so well on Kickstarter that Forbes have recommended this as a great way of getting a high quality watch of this calibre at an extremely competitive price.

Formex CEO, Raphael Granito, commenting on the Kickstarter, “We’re thrilled the campaign is so successful and that our supporters are embracing the Essence Chronometer. We reached our funding goal within the first 30 minutes of going live! I think our whole ethos of #betweenyouandus has made a significant contribution to exceeding our goal and the response from backers has been incredibly positive.”


Early-Bird prices start as low as $680 (c.€586/£521), with an automatic version (without COSC certificate and with sunray dial) available from $385 (c.€332/£295). After the campaign on Kickstarter, the models will subsequently be offered on Formex’s Online Shop at about $1,100 (c.€949/£843) and $650 (c.€560/£498), respectively.


The new Essence Chronometer can be found on Kickstarter here:

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