Funniest Bingo TV Ads Of All Time

Everyone likes a funny television commercial and the online gambling industry has been very creative in this respect over the years in its attempt to try and garner interest.

Generally, most bingo brands have television ads promoting their site for those who are not sure which one to sign up to, though you can also visit which is a leading authority in the industry to make a more informed decision about this as well. Let’s take a closer look at the funniest bingo tv ads over the years.


A television advert which essentially highlighted the stereotypical relationship of married couples in the UK, this was based around the wife being out playing bingo, while the husband was at home trying to perform domestic tasks and making a mess of things. This ad is sandwiched in between episodes of the popular quiz show ‘The Chase’ and as such the husband is constantly lectured by various members to little apparent effect.

Foxy Bingo

It is arguably one of the most well-known bingo brands in the industry and indeed gathered a lot of publicity from its television commercials. The theme of each one focused on a man turning up at various locations such as supermarkets and coordinating sequences of ridiculous dances. If anything, they certainly made an impression.


Having first aired in 2010, this particular one centred around a group of women dressed in sliver lycra, dancing to nineties music with bingo balls as their heads and the television advert went on to subsequently adopt the affectionately appropriate nickname ‘Bingo Heads’.


Never far away from controversy in the online gambling world, the Irish gambling company released a television advert in November 2013 for their bingo product which really captured the attention of their target audience. Based around a husband and wife, with the latter inviting the girls round for a bingo night, there is then a knock at the door as a ‘husband removal’ team sweeps in, gags the husband, ties him to his chair and then pulls him through the window into the back of a van.

BGO Bingo

Featuring the actor Verne Troyer who shot to fame playing ‘Mini Me’ in the movie Austin Powers, this television ad showed his character causing all kinds of trouble standing on a roulette wheel and kicking the ball onto different numbers on the wheel. Essentially he was the human equivalent ‘random number generator’ that all bingo sites have, highlighting that bingo is about the luck of the draw.


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