Gambling in the UK: The Statistics Summary for 2020

Gambling in the UK is a rising trend. Did you know that almost 50% of the British population engaged in this activity in the last month alone? From the National Lottery and all the way to casino games and horse racing, the local population sure does fancy the thrill of placing a wager. But what are the most popular games and is either one of the genders drawn to it more than the other?

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The National Lottery takes the main spotlight

Much unlike to anyone’s surprise, the National Lottery appears to be the prevalent game of choice in 2020, being played by about 30% of the UK’s gambling audience. Other forms of lottery games take the second place at around 10%, followed closely by scratchcards. Sports betting comes at 4th place, reeling in around 7% of the audience. However, people do like to place bets online and if they are a fan of American sports there are websites like that can be accessed to check statistics and picks for those who want to throw their hand in, but that is classed as international playing.

The National Lottery takes the main spotlight among UK gamblers.


The averages

It is believed that the average UK gambling enthusiast spends roughly 2.57 GBP on a weekly basis which comes down to about 133 GBP per year. The ratio between online and offline forms of gambling appears to be about 50:50. The male gambling audience appears to be about 10% greater in numbers compared to the female one.

Employment and revenue in the gambling industry

Sitting at around 15 billion GBP in worth, the UK gambling industry employs roughly 100,000 people. In the period between October 2018 and September 2019, the online casino industry alone brought in over 3,190 million GBP in revenue. Offline gambling yielded very similar results, bringing in over 2,810 million GBP in revenue. In the last decade, it is observed that offline gambling premises are taking a backseat to their online counterparts, with the latter increasing in numbers.

Gambling and addiction

For obvious reasons, not all those who gamble have any kind of problems with controlling their urges. With that being said, there is some degree of overlap, with an estimated 1 in 200 gamblers being characterized by having a gambling addiction. Although most gamblers appear to have a firm grasp on their bankroll, around 3% of them have admitted to gamble more than they can afford to lose. Everything combined, the UK gambling addiction is estimated to cost the nation a whopping 1,2 billion GBP on a yearly basis.

The impact of social distancing

The fact of the matter is that many UK gambling establishments were forced to close down in 2020 due to government restrictions and decreasing revenues. Online casinos, however, stand firm in the face of such limitations, with their revenues increasing. All forms of online gambling started surging in popularity, some more than others. For example, online slots saw a 25% increase in popularity, while online poker grew by a massive 38%.

The rise of live casino games

Being able to join in on the casino action from the comfort and safety of one’s home is one of the major contributing factors behind why so many UK citizens are flocking to this form of gambling. Visiting the website belonging to one of the best providers, Red Tiger, reveals a wide range of live casino games being offered in the industry, including live Roulette, live Blackjack, and live Baccarat. Aside from the traditional assortment of games, there are other niche alternatives, such as live Monopoly, live Teen Patti, and live OneTouch. To cater to those who place a great deal of importance on anonymity and quick transaction times, there is also the option of playing these live casino games by wagering Bitcoin. People are also able to use eZeeWallet for online casino transactions so their money is moved quickly and securely as they are playing.


While the future of UK’s gambling industry remains unclear, the present, as the statistics suggest, offers plenty of entertainment opportunities for those who seek it. So whether you prefer to bet on the horses, play the National Lottery, or spin the reels, you have more than plenty of ways to keep the joy of gambling alive in 2020.