GATO & Co, Vegan Gluten Free Cookies ‘n’ Cream range to launch exclusively to Boots in January 2020

GATO & Co (pronounced gateau, like the French for cake!) is a start-up brand with big ambitions, to change the way we tuck into indulgent treats with their feel good snacks. January 2020 sees the plant based bakers launch a brand new range: Cookies N Cream – a modern twist on classic cookie sandwiches (RRP £1.59 per 42g snack pack of two) exclusively to Boots stores nationwide. Handmade with whole, simple ingredients, expect deliciously crunchy cookies with a smooth and creamy filling; as an added bonus, they’re plant based, high in fibre, free from gluten, dairy and palm oil and half the sugar of similar sweet snacks.

Co Founder Kim Lamza says, “At GATO, we are passionate about creating super indulgent plant-based products that are better for you, your gut and the planet – the dream! Our treats are vegan friendly, packed with natural ingredients and contain much less sugar. We’re thrilled to be launching our new Cookies N Cream range to Boots, it seems fitting as the Aberdeen Boots was the first to give me a Summer job when I was back at school!.

In the range are the definitive Choc Vanilla cookie sandwich, GATO’s rival to a classic Oreo – expect deliciously crunchy chocolate Cookies with a smooth vanilla cream filling; Choc Peanut Butter, crisp-yet-gooey chocolate Cookies and rich, dreamy peanut butter cream; forget Nutella toast, GATO bring us sophisticated Choc Hazelnut Butter cookies: delicious chocolate cookies and a delightful, gooey hazelnut butter filling; lastly, there’s the ever-popular Salted Caramel cookie, the only Vanilla Cookies of the range with THAT choc-salted-caramel filling.

All are packed with gluten free oats and ground almonds in place of flour and nut butters and coconut oil in place of butter. Containing 50% less sugar than comparable snacks, GATO cookie sandwiches are crunchy, creamy and just sweet enough, as well as being scrumptious and holistically healthier; they taste decadent but are guilt-free enough to become a daily sweet treat at only 99 calories per cookie!


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