THE Tories are struggling to recover from the damage caused by Liz Truss’ doomed premiership, according to one of the country’s most respected pollsters.

Sir John Curtice said the pandemic and war in Ukraine had presented massive hurdles for the Government in recent years.

But he said the impact of Ms Truss’ doomed time in Number 10 was still proving to be a dark cloud hanging over Rishi Sunak.
His comments come as a new poll indicates Labour are heading for a thumping majority win at the next General Election.

Speaking to GB News, Sir John said: “Some things have happened to this government since 2019. The most obvious is the pandemic, which represented the country’s worst public health crisis in a century. High inflation followed and this was compounded then, of course, by the outbreak of the worst armed conflict in Europe since 1945, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine which had a dramatic impact on energy prices.

“And the truth is, to that extent, things have happened and the music has stopped. But that said, and we’re being reminded about this morning by the release of a resignation honours, there are perhaps actually also things that happened and which the government have some responsibility for.
“The attempt to go for a dash for growth under Liz Truss and having unfunded tax cuts did severe damage to the government’s reputation for economic competence. And that’s one of the things which the Government is still trying to recover other issues sooner and yes, it’s proving to be very difficult indeed.”
The comments come as a GBNews poll reveals Labour is on course for a thumping victory at the General Election, a major new poll indicates today.
As speculation mounts that Rishi Sunak will call a May vote, the People Polling for GB News poll has Keir Starmer’s party holding a 22 point lead over the Tories.
Labour is on 45 percent, the Tories are on 23 percent, and Reform is polling at 10 percent. If such a result was repeated at a General Election, it would be enough for a Labour majority.
The blow to Rishi Sunak comes as the poll also reveals that 54 percent – more than a half of the country – feel worse off now compared to a year ago.
And two thirds of the country say “it’s time for a change in Westminster”.