Go Dharmic Wins Outstanding Service Award From High Sheriff of Bedfordshire For Making Luton Hunger-Free

High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Susan Lousada, has awarded charity ‘Go Dharmic’, and its founder, Hemal Randerwala, the 2021 Outstanding Service Award for making Luton ‘Hunger-Free’.

Answering the call of Luton’s child poverty rate of 46%, charity and social action platform, Go Dharmic, have given extraordinary service throughout the Covid- pandemic in support of vulnerable students with food aid. Teachers within the local areas have been giving up their weekends to volunteer with the charity in support of their student bodies.

“As strong as the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an equal wave of ‘compassion’ within local areas such as Luton. This award is a testament to the hard work of GD volunteers who give their hearts to helping others. Go Dharmic stands for helping others and providing support. We are proud to make Luton ‘hunger free’!
– Hemal Randerwala, Founder, Go Dharmic

Established over nine years ago, Go Dharmic (GD) is a volunteer organisation, that provides food aid to the homeless, vulnerable schools, families and the isolated elderly. Within Luton alone, GD has delivered over 3 million meals and has multiple food distribution services to date.

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