Great Options for Your Next Night Out in London

Of course, being the capital, London is bound to have more than its fair share of nightlife. But the reality is, it far surpasses just about every other town and city in the UK, even beating major population centres like Manchester and Glasgow, and the capitals of the other three nations: Cardiff, Belfast, and Edinburgh.

London isn’t just the political and economic capital, it’s also the country’s cultural capital with more (and more variety of) museums than anywhere else in the UK. This is also helped by the fact that the city is more diverse than almost anywhere else on the planet, creating a melting pot of different cultures, cuisines, music, and art.

Its vast size, great transport links, and unique areas help to make it a must-visit place for a night out.

So when you plan your next night out in London, make sure to plan a visit to some of these places.

The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is a Victorian-era building that first opened its doors in 1900. Located in the heart of London’s West End, it has served many different purposes over its 121-year history, including hosting a circus, a music hall, and a night club.

Today, The Hippodrome is one of the city’s best casinos, combining a diverse selection of table and electronic games with some of the most beautiful decor you’ll find in a casino outside of Vegas. On its gaming floor, you’ll find dozens of video slot machines, baccarat, roulette, and the centuries-old game of blackjack. Other options include dice, Casino War, three-card poker, and the ancient Chinese game of pai gow.

Gaming isn’t all that’s on offer in The Hippodrome though. Visitors can enjoy drinks in its bars and dine in one of London’s best steakhouses. There’s also live entertainment in the form of the award-winning Magic Mike Live show, with performances Wednesday-Sunday.

Late Night Museum Tours

London has some of the best museums in the world, made even better by the fact that most of them are free. But with so many people piling inside each day, it can be difficult to really enjoy some of the exhibits.

For those that want to return when it’s a little quieter or that want a different museum experience, the “Museum Lates” are a great night out.

Some of the museums that offer late-night entry include the Bank of England Museum, the London Transport Museum, the British Museum, and the Cutty Sark. Schedules and offers vary, but many offer special tours, live music or DJs, drinks, and more.

Several museums are also planning the Emerge Festival again for 2021, which in the past has included turning the main hall of the Natural History Museum into a nightclub.

Ballie Ballerson

Nightclubs needn’t stick to the standard mould of a large (and sticky) dance floor, DJ booth, bar, and places to huddle and shout into each other’s ears. Ballie Ballerson proves this by offering a unique experience that combines the trappings of a traditional nightclub with a giant ball pit for you to dive into.

It blends together a mixture of retro and modernity perfectly, with a selection of cocktails served in quirky things like giant Capri Sun cartons, and an aesthetically-pleasing ball pit that’ll look great on your Instagram.

If you’re feeling peckish after swimming around in the giant ball pit, Ballie Ballerson also offers a menu of gourmet pizzas with fancy toppings like boujee cheese and truffles.

Piccadilly Institute

If you want a unique night club experience without having to wade through a pit of balls, the Piccadilly Institute might be the place for you. As its name suggests, the Piccadilly Institute is located in Piccadilly, right outside Piccadilly Circus and a short walk from many other West End venues.

It has seven different party rooms, each with its own wacky theme. Most offer a fairly intimate vibe as they’re quite compact, but that also means there’s plenty of room to sit down and relax with friends.

Rooms are also available for private bookings, with the smallest seating just 60 and the biggest fitting up to 420 people. So if you’ve got something to celebrate on your night out, Piccadilly Institute could be the perfect choice.

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