Hangover hell ends here forever with Fresh-Hedz super-pill

‘If only I had a magic pill that could…’ how many times have we all veither heard or said that sentence?

Well finally, one of those ‘what if’ scenarios has become a reality; what if I could take a pill to prevent my hangover?

As party season approaches, Brits will each consume an average of 26 units per day… that collectively is 5.7 billion units between Christmas Day and New Years Day.

With that many sore heads, it’s hardly any wonder that it has taken a vastly experienced party-goer – in the form of Ibiza Weekender and Celebs Go Dating star Callum Izzard – to become the one to revolutionize the hangover forever.

Fresh-Hedz is a pill taken before a night out… to avoid the next-morning nightmare.

With fans such as Love Island’s Elma Pazar, Georgia Steel and Francesca Allen claiming to be huge fans of the tablets, it’s no wonder that popularity for the product is hugely on the increase.

Comprised of all natural ingredients, the capsules contain ‘Opuntia’, otherwise known as Prickly Pear extract. Also with both minerals and antioxidants that clear the mind, the pear contains high levels of Magnesium that release hormones and help with digestion, clearing the system of toxins.

But who needs to take it? In turns out that when over 2000 18-year-old were recently asked how much they consume on a typical night out, they drink 16 units on average but during the festive period – this becomes 26 units. The numbers go up and up through the age ranges, proving that no-one avoids over-consuming alcohol at Christmas.

And this way, no one has to ever again! So, does anyone want a fresh head in the morning? Maybe it’s time to try out Fresh-Hedz…

Fresh-Hedz is now available to buy via fresh-hedz.co.uk – prices start at £5.99.

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