Heatherwick Studio and STORE unveil plans for Summer School in King’s Cross

For the first time, London-based design and educational association STORE will unite with acclaimed Heatherwick Studio for the Heatherwick x STORE Summer School in Coal Drops Yard, the home of STORE Store. From July 29th to August 10th, both the artist collective and architecture and design studio will lead on a collaborative design project with local state school students.

STORE’s annual Summer Schools are presented in the form of a two week workshop in architecture, art and design. Each year, students are brought together to work on experimental design and construction projects to create large scale installations and ambitious public performances. The Summer School culminates each year in a celebratory final event.

This year’s Heatherwick x STORE Summer School will work towards a mini food market, which will draw together a diverse public to interact with the student’s creations on the 10th August.

The Summer School will be led by experienced architects, artists and designers, all dedicated to helping students realise their unique design vision. Through material testing and engagement with Coal Drops Yard and its surroundings, the students will explore architecture, food and design to understand the dynamics of the city while developing the skills to intervene effectively and creatively on the project.

Students are invited to be part of a diverse, energetic and creative group, guided by a hands-on, often playful design process driven by physical prototyping and testing. Through working together on an ambitious group build, students will be encouraged to develop their confidence to lead and enjoy working as part of a team. Regular design critiques, photography and portfolio tutorials will provide valuable opportunities for critical reflection on their work both as a team and as individuals.

This course is open to local state school students (16-18) with varying levels of experience. It will be of particular benefit to students interested in studying art, architecture or design at university level.

Since 2011, STORE has been working with students to test ideas through drawing, modelling, physical prototyping and performance before creating ambitious public installations and events. Their international programme has included schools in London, Warsaw, Hong Kong and Athens, each embedded in a local creative community.
To find out about this year’s summer school please contact: school@storeprojects.org | www.storeprojects.org

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