Hot Nights and Days in London

No matter the time of year, this city is definitely going to go out of its way to keep you up ’til dawn, and that doesn’t just mean dancing, in case you are the sort with two left feet. In fact, chances are the next morning will be just as action packed, so maybe you just schedule in the odd mid-afternoon nap, since that’s the only time you might get some shut-eye while visiting or living in London.

Meet Some (Very) Fun New People

All sorts of ladies and gents come from all over the world to see what London’s about, and whether they stay for a weekend or for the rest of their lives, it’s never been easier to connect with people in every sort of way you can imagine. Sure, the easiest way to make that first connection is stop into a pub to watch a bit of footy – where you can make the best of friends if you are cheering for the ‘right’ team – but with plenty of art and culture at your fingertips, it’s easy to find likeminded people no matter what your interest is.

And if you want to make it more of a sexy evening, then exploring online escort reviews for luxury London ladies is bound to be fruitful. After al, if people are hooking up through social media, why not cut to the chase and find someone who wants to skip the small talk as well?

When in Doubt, Check the Brixton

Easily one of the top music venues in the city where you can actually see the people onstage from any spot, the Brixton Academy attracts up-and-coming and big name acts alike. It’s one of those places where you can say, ‘I saw [band name] at the Brixton, and it changed my life’. Easy to find since its neighbourhood and tube stop is built into its name, even on nights when it’s more club than live music venue, you’ll still have an incredible time.

Its history is as impressive as its architecture, as it has hosted concerts from the Sex Pistols to Madonna, from Nine Inch Nails to Bob Dylan. It is a popular spot for video shoots as well, and that means the only possible drawback is that you might have the odd hanging camera blocking your view, although it might just increase the chance that you might appear as an extra at one point when they do a crowd shot.

The Morning After Meal

Like we said, sleeping in London might be hard to do. Not because of a lack of great accommodations (they have those in spades), but because there is so much you don’t want to miss when you shut your eyes. If you do indeed party ’til dawn, then it’s worth your while to stay up at least a few more hours so you can enjoy some very delicious brunch. And sure, if you’re just a bangers and mash or eggs and bacon sort, you can find plenty to love very easily, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit fancy, and if that means means smoked salmon or waffles, so be it. And of course having a strong cup of properly made coffee might just be the thing to keep you going through the rest of the day.

The Artful Dodger

If you are feeling like you can fall asleep standing up but don’t want to throw in the towel and return to your hotel, then try one of the many art galleries the city. The Tate Modern and the National gallery are some of the top choices. Many offer free admission, have a bag and coat check, and will let you take in past masterpieces and contemporary works as you rest on a bench. You can watch others try to wax philosophical about what the painting truly means, and then sound smart when you say the same thing to your new London friends later that night at the pub.

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