Introducing recording artist LUNA13 – Bass Music Nemesis

Cleopatra Records recording artist LUNA13 was created by Dr Luna to demonstrate how brutal bass music could be.

Quickly shunned from the bass music/edm world for being too dark and heavy, LUNA13 started playing with black metal and industrial bands such as Doyle, Possessed, Strip The Soul, Mushroomhead, Skold, Arrival of Autumn and were the co-headliner at ICP’s record release party in Los Angeles. LUNA13 was also cast in the movie Devils Domain ft Michael Madsen in 2016.

Dr Luna, originally a bass player in death metal and industrial bands eventually learned keyboards while living in India and created ritual black ambient music which lead to the birth of LUNA13. DR Luna said “The second I heard EDM’ers using the word ‘brutal’, I knew I had to create LUNA13 to show them what brutal sounds like and I was going to bring the sound of my favorite bands like Celtic Frost, Death, POSSESSED and Venom to do it. Yet it was important to do it using their instruments and production (no stringed instruments are used in any of LUNA13’s music, they use saw and acid bass to create their sound). What I didn’t expect was to to get mentioned as one of the top 5 Black Metal bands to look out for by “Worldwide Underground” and to get listed as one of the top 5 death metal bands in Los Angeles by “Heavy Metal Community.”

What adds to their mystique is how genuine their dark side is. Doc Luna lived in India as a Kali worshipper (goddess of destruction) and Lilith Bathory (vocals and theatrics),worked in a haunted house as an evil doll before joining LUNA13. They are real LHP Witches and follow deep mystical paths including using an ancient 27 sign astrology system based upon 27 gods which was used by the Egyptians and Babylonians to plan shows and events. Like them or not the bass music scene may be looking at their very first real
“Venom” or even “Slayer”. They seem to be evoking that kind of fear right now. Find them at