Italian-born Marco Gambino to play Primo Levi in New Play Exploring the Prominent Holocaust Survivor

Italian-born actor Marco Gambino will play Primo Levi alongside an international cast including: Paula Cassina, Alex Marchi and Eve Niker in the world-premiere of Drowned or Saved? at the Tristan Bates Theatre from 6 – 24  November. Press night is Thursday 8 November.

Written and directed by RADA alumni and former Associate Director at the York Theatre, Geoffrey Williams, Drowned or Saved? depicts Levi as he reflects on having written some of the most significant documents the world has ever seen. The works which detail the horror of his survival are of substantial historical interest because of the composed neutrality of their author. The superhuman effort to maintain such a calm penmanship in spite of such inhumane horrors is brought to the stage through a cross-world journey that pulls from the memories which haunt Levi and unavoidably bring the characters from his past to life.

South African playwright and director, Geoffrey Williams, said:

“I had already been reading accounts of Holocaust survivors when I came across Levi. Levi’s account was so clear, that it gave me a precise view of what was – more so than some of the other more emotional accounts. This is not to say that any account is good or bad, it’s just that Levi gave me insight that I didn’t feel I was getting elsewhere. As we lose survivors, it’s important for new generations to understand and make sense of the Holocaust in their own way. We must keep the narrative alive and safeguard against anything close to a repetition in the future.”

The piece is designed by Baśka Wesołowska with lighting design by Matt Leventhall and sound design by Rachael Murray.

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