Job Today have created interview tips for millennials who aren’t great under pressure

More than one in three jobseekers (38%) have lied on their CV at least once, reveals new insight from a nationwide study. Proving to be a nation prone to a little white lie or two, the research found almost a quarter of those questioned (24%) admitted to stretching the truth on their CVs on a regular basis in order to find a job.

The statistics, which were compiled by JOB TODAY – the #1 hiring app in the UK – highlighted that the fabrications also differed between men and women. 42% of men admitted to telling fibs on their CV at one time or another, only a third of women (38%) owned up to doing the same. Across the board, both sexes revealed that fear of the competition was the biggest factor behind the need to exaggerate their past experience. However, many jobseekers do not know the actual process taken by companies when they hire new employees. Many firms will carry out a police check victoria on all potential candidates as a way of finding out everything that they may need to know about the people applying for a position at their place of work.

JOB TODAY have put put together 5 tips for what not to do in a job interview:

  • Don’t lie on your CV

It will only come back to haunt you! No but honestly, you never quite realise how everyone knows everyone in the industry, so lying about your last job could come back to bite you. This is one of the reasons why companies conduct aptitude skills testing during or before interviews. If you have said that you have acquired a set of skills on your CV, but when it comes down to the aptitude testing, they are completely different or are not relevant, this can put you in a difficult situation of having to explain why you lied on your CV. This won’t be the best start.

  • Wear fitting clothes

You want to look smart and fresh for your interview… anything loose could lead to a wardrobe malfunction which is the last thing you need…

  • If you’re really ill, stay home and chill

No one wants to see you if you’re coughing up a storm or sniffling every five seconds; rearrange the interview and ace it next time.

  • Present your best self

They’re going to make their mind up on you within the first 3 seconds, so fix up, look sharp.

  • Do your homework

Do some stalking on social media, check the company Instagram and Twitter accounts to get a feel for who they are!

Co-Founder of JOB TODAY, Polina Montano, a true business trailblazer who is transforming recruitment for casual jobs, adds, “We’ve all had an interview go wrong, but it’s important to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. Our tips may seem simple but the statistics show that people still make silly mistakes that can easily be avoided.”

JOB TODAY is the fastest growing hiring platform in the world and it works: since launch in 2015 JOB TODAY has processed over 100 million applications, helping hundreds of thousands of people find jobs.

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