Have your dates been telling tall tales? Following research which reveals that 23% of singles exaggerate their height on their dating profile, this Valentine’s Day KFC is flipping the script on dating by rewarding those who are telling the truth about their height with its tallest offering, the Tower Burger.

We know the Tower Burger never lies about its height, so to celebrate the news that all three new flavours are here to stay, KFC has partnered with Jessica Pardoe, Britain’s tallest woman to honour honest Brits and add a little spice to the dating game.

Standing at an impressive 6″10, Jessica has been enlisted as KFC’s Love at First Height tester, a role that will see her champion height honesty, because just like the Tower Burger, everyone should feel proud about their height. For one day only, those who are brave enough can visit KFC Leicester Square to have Jessica verify their height against their dating profile, with those telling the truth leaving not just with a sense of satisfaction, but the ultimate towering reward, a free Tower Burger.

New research, commissioned by KFC, reveals that 86% of those deceitful daters have increased their height by an average of 5.6 inches. This finding comes as no surprise, considering 8 in 10 Brits declare height as an important factor when choosing a partner. However, the nation can still stand tall, regardless of literal height, with 52% of people believing you should embrace wherever you measure – so after all, there really is no reason to lie.

Jessica Pardoe, KFC Love at First Height Tester said: “As a 6”10 woman, I’ve had various height-related questions over the years – especially from sceptical suitors when I was in the dating game. This is why I’m so excited to support KFC in its quest to champion height honesty this Valentine’s Day and encourage everyone to embrace their height, no matter what!”

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your love at first bite with a free Tower Burger this Valentine’s Day at KFC Leicester Square, featuring an Original Recipe or Zinger Chicken Fillet, topped with a crispy hash brown, cheese, lettuce, one of KFC’s tasty sauces and encased in a pillowy seeded bun.

Fear not, we are also up for long distance relationships – our Tower Burger range is available in restaurant and via KFC Delivery nationwide.