King’s speech on the need for tolerance ‘not an intervention’, says Jennie Bond

KING Charles’ Mansion House speech, in which he called for tolerance in a time of turmoil, was not an intervention in the Middle East crisis, according to a Royal commentator.

Jennie Bond told GB News: “Quite honestly, if anyone in this awful situation, if anyone can say anything which might prevent this conflict escalating into world turmoil, we’ve got to hear it, haven’t we?

“And so he has a global platform and he’s using it extremely carefully. You know, I understand that he spent a long time thinking about this speech.

“It was his words, and he reflected on each of those words very carefully. And I think it was a really excellent, I won’t [say] an intervention, but reflection on the state of the United Kingdom and the state of world affairs.”

In a discussion with Patrick Christys, she continued: “You have to remember this is a man who has devoted a great deal of his life to understanding the different religious faiths around the world, not just understanding but practising, a lot of meetings with people of different faiths.

“He’s a man who cares extremely deeply about those differences and about what we have in common despite those differences, which so often shape conflict around the world.

“And I think we should be pleased that we are fortunate enough to have a monarch who has such a deep understanding and is willing to talk about it.

“However, obliquely, he did not mention the Middle East speech at Mansion House, but every word seemed to be shot through with nuances about the dreadful conflict that’s going on.”

Asked if he lacked the gravitas of Queen Elizabeth II, she said: “I think he does have actually more gravitas…

“He’s tried here to really pitch this speech extremely carefully and I think he’s succeeded. And he has, of course, been very even handed in that. As soon as the awful attack, that Hamas attack on Israel happened, he invited the Chief Rabbi to Buckingham Palace he called King Abdullah of Jordan.

“He also called President Hertzog of Israel. So he’s been very proactive and very equally balanced, I think, in his actions, and he has to be careful.”