Since launching only one week ago in New York, Koalas of NYC has taken the world by storm. The campaign, created by Aussie-founded ad agency, Cummins&Partners New York, began with a view to connect New Yorkers to the bushfire crisis in Australia – specifically raising awareness around the 1 billion of the world’s unique wildlife that have been killed.

Due to an overwhelming response to the activation both locally and around the world, our furry friends are now making their way across the Atlantic to fellow world city, London!

On Friday January 17th, exactly one week after the NYC launch, Cummins&Partners canvassed London’s city center with 52 plush koalas in prominent and high traffic London locations. The koalas each have a QR code attached to them directing folks to the Koalas of London Gofundme page to spread awareness and raise money for WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) – the largest wildlife rescue & rehabilitation charity in Australia.

“We have had huge demand from Britain to see this campaign come to life in London,” says Operation Manager, Diane Villavieja. “We didn’t foresee such a response, but the swell of support has been too big to ignore.”

As the first country in the world to start a welfare charity for animals, the British have always upheld the dignity of animals, and shared a spirited concern to help those in need – so the progression made sense.

In continents that can often feel far removed from Australia and helpless in times like these, Koalas of NYC offers a sense of hope. It narrows the distance by merging cultures together and empowers people to affect change. A simple snap, share, or small donation – instantly, the solution is within reach.

For those who would like to support Koalas of NYC in London, here’s just some of the destinations where you can likely spot a koala:

  • Trafalgar Square
  • Leicester Square
  • Chinatown
  • Coventry Street
  • Harrods
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Golden Jubilee Bridge
  • River Thames

With over $13,500 currently raised against a goal of $15,000, Cummins&Partners are set to raise the fundraising goal further in a matter of days.

Beyond donations, this campaign has brought incredible awareness of the Australian bushfire crisis to the world’s doorstep, in a way that bridges the proximity gap and makes it tangible.

All photos and videos continue to be posted on the official Koalas of NYC Instagram page @koalasofnyc with supporting hashtag #KoalasofLondon.

Please continue to spread the word to save Australia’s most iconic and treasured wildlife, the country and its people! Your support is deeply appreciated.

To donate: Please donate to WIRES via the Koalas of NYC Gofundme page

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