Koi Diamond: Peak of Rarity


In the
huge collection of rare and extraordinary gemstones, only a few capture the imagination as greatly as the Koi Diamond. Weighing 32 carats, this pear-shaped marvel is shaped to mirror the elegance of a Japanese Koi fish. Its multi-colored splendor, adorned with hues of white, orange, pale yellow, dark blue, and black, tells a story that connects with the origins of Koi fish in Chinese and Japanese lore.

Legend has it that the Koi fish, descendants of a single black carp sent by King Shoko of Ro to Confucius, represent the spirit of perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles. Discovered in the early 2000s in the Republic of Congo, the Koi Diamond, much like its piscine namesake, defies the odds and symbolizes the limitless possibilities that await. This extraordinary gem has been evaluated by experts, including Eddy Elzas, a renowned colored diamond specialist, and Larisa Popova, a certified appraiser and gemologist. Its ownership history, held by Rawstone Business Holding in 2013 and later owned by Emmanuel Abramchuk, adds another layer to the narrative of this gem.

Discovery and Characteristics

The discovery of the Koi Diamond in the early 2000s in the Republic of Congo marked a momentous event in the world of gemology. Originating from the heart of Africa, this 32-carat showcases a spectacular blend of colors reminiscent of the legendary Koi fish. Its carefully crafted to mirror the curves of the aquatic creature and is adorned with splotches of white, orange, pale yellow, dark blue, and black. Each color variation adds to its aesthetic allure as well as mirrors the natural mutations that transformed the humble black carp into the resplendent Koi fish of Japanese lore.

The Koi Diamond’s uniqueness lies in its remarkable size and its embodiment of the spirit of the Koi, embodying itsresilience and triumph. The discovery in the Republic of Congo further adds to the mystique, connecting this precious gem to its one-of-a-kind brilliance. Koi Diamond stands as a geological rarity and a symbol of the endless possibilities woven into the fabric of Earth’s treasures.

Eddy Elzas and GIA Rating

Eddy Elzas, a seasoned professional in the world of colored diamonds, plays a pivotal role in sharing the splendor of the Koi Diamond with the community. Renowned for his expertise, Elzas undertook the task of rating this gem for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). His experience and knowledge in colored diamonds rankedhim as a fitting authority for this work. In gem evaluation, Elzas described the opportunity to classify the Koi Diamond as one of the most monumental moments in his career.

The GIA rating, under Elzas’s eye, adds an official stamp of approval to the qualities of this 32-carat wonder. The combination of Elzas’s expertise and the GIA’s standards provides an understanding of the Koi Diamond’s rarity and brilliance, increasing its status within colored diamonds. The Koi Diamond, having undergone the scrutiny of Eddy Elzas and the GIA, appears as a geological marvel in the field of precious stones.

Ownership History

In 2013, Rawstone Business Holding, a precious commodities trading corporation with offices in Antwerp, Luxembourg, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv, claimed ownership of this illustrious 32-carat gemstone. Rawstone Business Holding, with its presence in key global hubs, highlightedthe international significance of the Koi Diamond. When not attracting audiences on display, this gem sits in a safe located in Antwerp, a city renowned for its historical association with the diamond trade. The careful custody of this diamond continued as it transitioned its ownership to Emmanuel Abramchuk, partner to Eddy Elzas within Rawstone Business Holding SA in Luxembourg. As the Koi Diamond changed hands, each custodian contributed to the gem’s story, making sure its legacy is not just a geological wonder but a symbol of luxury.

To conclude, the Koi Diamond brings together a blend of geological rarity, cultural symbolism, and craftsmanship. From its origins in Chinese and Japanese folklore to the discovery in the Republic of Congo, this 32-carat marvel captures the spirit of the Koi fish. Evaluated by Eddy Elzas and Larisa Popova, the Koi Diamond boasts outstanding clarity and coloration as well as has been recognized as a wise investment, likely to appreciate over time. Its ownership from Rawstone Business Holding to Emmanuel Abramchuk further outlines its place as a cherished gem within the exclusive spaces of the diamond industry.