Kris Aves to climb Mount Snowdon using an adaptive wheelchair in aid of Back Up

On 17th September 2022, Kris Aves will use an adapted wheelchair to push up Mount Snowdon to raise funds for Back Up, the UK charity dedicated to supporting people affected by spinal cord injury reach their full potential. With support from friends and his team at Minster Law, Kris will climb over 3,500 feet, covering nine miles of different terrain, to reach the summit.

Kris sustained his spinal cord injury in the Westminster Bridge attack in 2017. On the day of the attack, Kris was picking up an award for his services to the police force. After making his way across the bridge to celebrate with his colleagues, Kris was hit by an SUV. This caused him to sustain a T3 level spinal cord injury.

After his injury, Kris was supported by Back Up. The charity helped Kris learn wheelchair skills and offered practical and emotional support through regular phone calls with others who have sustained a spinal cord injury.

Kris is taking on Back Up’s Snowdon Push challenge to raise funds for Back Up and to challenge the perception of disability, showing that life can be lived to its fullest after a spinal cord injury.

“When I was in hospital, I was focused on all the things I thought that I couldn’t do anymore – from spending time with my family, to my favourite sport, golf,” said Kris Aves. “But, after getting in touch with Back Up, and having the confidence to return to the golf course and hit that first ball, my mindset changed. I now focus on the opportunities in front of me. Challenges are just that – challenges. They can be overcome, and I want to show people that there are so many opportunities out there.”

When speaking about the Snowdon Push challenge, Kris said “the biggest challenge is in my head – that question of can I get further? But I’m just going to approach it milestone by milestone. I want to spread the message that when life gives you lemons – make lemonade! When things get in your way, you can’t let them stop you.”

“The Snowdon Push challenge is all about showing that life can be lived to the fullest after sustaining a spinal cord injury, and is a testament to what can be achieved when we work together,” said Abigail Lock, CEO of Back Up. “One of our core values is to embrace challenge. Having Kris and his team taking on Mount Snowdon, just five years after he sustained his injury, highlights why that value is so important – it enables us to build our confidence and show all that we are capable of. To Kris, and all those getting involved with this year’s challenge, thank you for showing what’s possible after sustaining a spinal cord injury and raising vital funds so we can continue transforming lives.”

For over a decade, people have been taking on Back Up’s Snowdon Push challenge. In teams of 10 to 16, including one person who uses a wheelchair, they will climb and descend the highest mountain in England and Wales.

To support Kris’s Snowdon Push challenge, visit his fundraising page.