La Maritxu Basque Cheesecakes: London’s Latest Obsession in Connaught Village

Over the past two months, La Maritxu has taken London by storm, captivating crowds from across the capital with their exquisite family-recipe Basque cheesecakes. Daily queues are seen stretching down Connaught Street with the small family run business regularly selling out as a staggering 150 lovingly handmade Basque Cheesecakes hurtle out the door either whole or in slices each day.

La Maritxu’s popularity has surged across TikTok and Instagram, igniting a viral sensation that inspires eager crowds to savour a slice for themselves. While currently standing as their sole offering, brace yourselves for an upcoming array of delectable new flavours on the horizon.

La Maritxu is a Basque family of three sisters: Maria, Almudena and Lucia. Maria kicked off the adventure which is where the name ‘La Maritxu’ stemmed from. The ‘txu’ (pronounced like the number 2) is an affectionate suffix originating from the Basque country. Rooted in a cherished family recipe, each “La Maritxu” cheesecake is crafted with love and features a special ingredient that sets it apart. Lucia invites customers to savour the flavours of the Basque country, enriched by their personal touch, and a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation.

“It’s been a long time since we first had the idea of bringing the Basque culture to our new living place – London – and one of the best things about the Basque culture is its gastronomy. We are so thrilled that Londoners love it as much as we do. Come and give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed!” – Lucia, La Maritxu Basque Cheesecakes.

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